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, we decided to ask for a little bit of help. you got it, it's texas, america's top state for business in 2012. it's the third time to the loan star state has taken top honors, you're looking live at texas memorial stadium. let's take a look at why texas is number one. >>> for six years in a row, we kris crossed the country to look for the states that were best for business. and in 2012, nobody does it better than texas. america's top state for business scores 1600 out of 2500 points. the best infrastructure, the third cheapest cost of living. quality of life is 35th, education 26th, and cost of doing business at 28. that may seem surprising in a state with no individual income tax and no corporate tax, but the six and a quarter state sales tax and relatively high profit taxes hurt. the economy in texas improves to the fifth best in the nation which is what rick perry was talking about in his brief run for government. >> there's a reason that caterpillar moved their manufacturing to the state of texas. >> up employment in texas is down to 6.9%. they weathered last year's budget crisis
,000 or 3,000? we have the ultimate bull bear debate coming up. >> that's polarized. plus texas instruments is getting ready to report its earnings which could have an impact on the trading tomorrow. instant analysis of those numbers coming your way. in the meantime, let's take a look at how we wrapped up the day on wall street. dow finishing down by triple digits. 101 points to the down side. you think we were down right early on, down by 239 points. we really came back a long way. nasdaq still down by 35 points. s&p off by 12. as we saw, stocks finishing lower. but you know what, it could have been a whole lot worse. fell a lot more than that. managed to post a late rebound. closed down by 101 points. nevertheless, this is the eighth straight week. blue chip index closed lower on a monday. >> yeah. fears about europe and the economy pushed down stocks more this week. with us today larry from barclays. ryan jacobson from wells fargo advantage funds. bob, what do you think? where do we go from here? what are we to make of today's big drop at the open? then this -- bit after comeback. >> wel
announced texas was the stop state in the country to do business in, today scott is back with the worst state to operate in for business. the name is coming next. then president obama signing an executive order giving the white house authority to take control of the internet in emergencies. really? why some are worried about that kind of power. we'll have a heated debate we'll have a heated debate coming up, stay with us. >>> welcome back, on this program yesterday, scott cohn gave us quite a show as he unfailed the top state in the united states for business. >> in a state where they do everything big, we decided to ask for a little bit of help. >> you got it, it's texas, america's stop state for business 2012. the third time that the lone star state has taken top honors. >> as with any competition you have winners and losers, so who came in at the bottom this year? >> we'll tell you here, part of the rich political history. we were celebrating all day yesterday. counting down the top five, but there are losers, and consider this the flip side. >> if there are top states, it means ther
'll pass. i look at texas and other states, there is great uncertainty, nobody knows what's happening, and we just don't have leadership. i have never seen a mess like it, and neither have you maria. >> you're right, it's really unbelievable. certainly i have never seen this country as divided as it is. >> and you have never seen this country with the kind of hate red it's got and republicans and the democrats -- have you ever seen where the hatered is this intense? >> right, and we need leadership to bring us together. >> leadership is the one word. somebody asked me before what is the answer? it's leadership. the president has to get everybody into a room and make a deal. now, i think something is going to happen after the election, but they have to get into a room, they have to make a deal otherwise this country is in big, big trouble. you look at what's happening, big, big trouble. >> what are the ramifications of doing a deal after the election? i guess we have a market sell off leading up to the election? >> it's a long time, and there's no guarantee after the election. there's
it all out for us, thank you. meanwhile, we revealed right here on tuesday that texas is the top state for business in our exclusive study. what state did cnbc users and twitter followers pick as their top state, and we have a winner, iowa, thanks to everybody who voted. iowa did pretty well in the official top state studies as well. it placed 12th overall for best states to do business in. is this a good sign for the housing market? next, we'll break down realty tracks latest report for you. and two gurus will square off. and mitt romney coming under fire for drawing a lot of campaign contributions from the financial industry? really? where else would these folks throw their money? my observation coming up. you're watching the closing bell, first in business worldwide. m not have thought of -- fidelity. now you don't have to go to a bank to get the things you want from a bank, like no-fee atms, all over the world. free checkwriting and mobile deposits. now depositing a check is as easy as taking a picture. free online bill payments. a highly acclaimed credit card with 2% cash back int
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5